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In the manufacturing industry, it would not be an overstatement to say that the entire credibility of a company rests within its Quality Control Systems. While our company may be small, our view with this remains consistent.
Each of our offices contains inspection departments with full-time workers.

Quality Control
Here at Saney Seiko Inc., we do everything we can to supply high quality products and components through implementing policies outlined below for quality and controlling chemical substances included in our products.

Quality Policy
We guarantee the safety and quality of the products we produce, and consider the ability of our products to adapt to customers demands to be our greatest accomplishment.

Controlling Chemical Substances included in our Products
In addition to understanding the content of the chemical substance control requested by the customer, we work towards compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the delivery of products that have been correctly managed, while striving to manage our CMS.
We strive to reduce costs, control risk, and understand the required chemical substances with usage restrictions and prohibited substances.
We aim for increased awareness among both our employees and other personnel related to the management of chemical substances through systematically-carrying out internal and external company training.

ISO13485 Certified
Saney Seiko Inc is "ISO 13485" certified.
We deliver products that ensure safety and quality through controlling chemical substances included in our products and establishing a framework based on ISO 13485.

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