Saney Seiko manufactures medical devices you desire by utilizing our comprehensive strengths that cover six areas.
We follow the Microfabrication Testing Process starting from a single individual piece to assembled finished products comprised of several hundred micro-components.

We have full-time, professional and dedicated staff available to provide support for OEM development necessary for meeting customer's needs and other tedious pharmaceutical-related activities, in addition to accommodating sterilized packaging requests. We also guarantee that the quality of our products meet international guidelines as we are ISO13485 certified.

Company Name Saney Seiko Inc.
Date of Establishment August 1970
Starting Capital 42 Million Yen
Representative Director, President Shimizu Kenji
Headquarters Accounting/General Affairs Department
1|8|15 Nishibenzai, Asaka, Saitama Prefecture 351|0021
TEL 048|475|7940@@FAX 048|475|7960
Office Locations
Asaka OfficeiSales/Manufacturing Departmentsj
iPlease refer to the sales department for inquiries related to pipes and fabricationj
2-10-14 Senzui, Asaka, Saitama Prefecture 351|0024
TEL 048|466|9551@@FAX 048|463|9419
Yori OfficeiManufacturing Departmentj
219 Hachigata, Yorii District, Osato, Saitama Prefecture 369|1224
TEL 048|581|7979@@FAX 048|581|7977
Sakado OfficeiManufacturing Departmentj
5|6|25 Chiyoda, Sakado, Saitama Prefecture 350|0214
TEL 049|280|0777@@FAX 049|280|0780
Primary Services
Our Products
Orthopedic Implants
Cerebral Implants
Fixed Implants
OEM Development/Manufacturing
Manufacturing of medical instruments and associated accessory devices
Precision cuttingiMetal/Resinj
Precision stainless pipe cutting
Precision stainless wire rope
Laser welding/brazing
Laser marking/micro-component assembly
Main Customers Olympus Corporation
Fujifilm Corporation
Hoya Corporation
Machida Endoscope Co., Ltd.
MIZUHO Corporation
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
Beckman Coulter, Inc
Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo Co., Ltd
Corporate History Aug. 1970 Saney Seiko Inc. established in Higashi, Shibuya, Tokyo
Sept. 1974 Operations moved to Ebisu, Shibuya, and increased capital to 5 million yen
October 1979 Increased capital to 8 million yen
February 1981 Production operations established in Maenocho, Itabashi, Tokyo
October 1984 Factory opened in Hatanaka, Niiza, Saitama Prefecture
October 1986 Asaka Office opened in Senzui, Asaka, Saitama Prefecture
August 1988 Acquired manufacturer license for medical devices from the Ministry of Health & Welfare
December 1988 Increased capital to 10.6 million yen
November 1991 Established Yorii Office in Hachigata, Yorii District, Osato, Saitama Prefecture
January 1996 Increased capital to 32 million yen
February 1997 Factory expansion at the Yorii Office
August 2000 Factory expansion at the Asaka Office
September 2000 ISO9001 certification acquired for both the Asaka and Yorii Office locations
August 2004 Second factory expansion onto the Yorii Office
March 2006 Became a Class 1 Medical Device Marketing Authorization Holder
December 2006 Sakado Office established in Chiyoda, Sakado, Saitama Prefecture
September 2009 ISO13485 certification acquired

Saney Seiko Inc.

Asaka Office : 2-10-14 Senzui, Asaka, Saitama Prefecture 351-0024

TEL : 048-466-9551 / FAX : 048-463-9419

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