Please be sure to read through this policy before accessing our company website.
We take appropriate actions to manage personal information of our customers in order to properly protect their privacy.
Here, we have outlined our criteria for handling information in this site to explain how information is collected and used.

Method and content of personal information collected

When an email inquiry is sent via this website, we collect person information from our customers such as their name and e-mail address, and then manage the information appropriately. This information is not used for any purposes other than those listed hereafter.
We pay close attention to how information gathered from this website is handled and adhere to both standards and regulations that apply to personal information maintained therein.
This website do not use internet cookies (Internet cookie: Information that has been sent from the server and to the user's computer, where it accumulates, in order to indentify users on the server side).

Purpose of Use with regard to Personal Information

We use the information that is provided to us by our customers in order to:
fulfill our responsibility to carry out business dealings with our customers
develop and provide better products and services
We do not use the information provided by our customers for any other purposes other than those mentioned.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will never disclose any personal information gathered through our business activities to a third party without prior content, except in special circumstances when:
Public institutions such as government offices request the disclosure of such information based on the rights established by law
The information is required to perform business activities in coordination with other partner companies or others located within our group.
In such circumstances, we demand that these partner companies or others located within our group handle the information with the same degree of proper care as we ourselves do.

Improving the Handling of Personal Information

We strive for revision and improvement of our approach towards each of the above mentioned items.
Please click here for any comments and inquiries related to the handling of personal information.

We place great importance on sufficiently helping our customers understand how we handle personal information.
Please contact us here for any comments and questions related to the content mentioned above.

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